Top 5 Popular Siding Options for Your Home in PA and NJ

Your choice of exterior siding has the power to completely reinvent the look of your home and its surroundings. As you browse, consider the materials that will suit both your house’s architectural style as well as lifestyle needs. Your decision can make a major impact not only on just one building but an entire neighborhood! Below are some of today’s most popular choices for external siding.

Stucco Siding

Traditional stucco is a combination of cement, water and inert materials like sand and lime. Matched with its synthetically engineered counterparts, many modern homes make use of these for their exterior fa├žade. Although there have been some issues reported about the poorer quality synthetic stuccos in the past – rest assured that if you settle on an excellent one it will last well over time! Whichever color scheme you fancy can now be achieved through tinting your chosen material to achieve desired effect; no more paint needed ever again!

Cement Fiber Siding 

Are you looking for a siding that is natural-looking and low maintenance? Fiber cement siding has the appeal of wood, stucco, or masonry but with way less effort. Fiber cement provides unparalleled protection from fire damage, termites attacks and it even comes with an extended warranty up to 50 years! If you want your home’s exterior to look like genuine wood without all the upkeep involved then fiber cement should be your go-to choice.

Wood Clapboard Siding 

Advancements in science have presented us with various synthetic products that mimic the natural beauty of wood, yet nothing compares to classic solid woods such as cedar, pine, spruce, redwood, cypress and Douglas fir. With a little upkeep and maintenance these materials will last for years longer than their vinyl counterparts. You can even stain your wood siding rather than painting it which makes for a much more visually appealing look. Artfully crafted wooden homes built centuries ago are still standing today providing proof that real wood remains the superior choice when building or renovating luxury homes!

Cedar Shingle Siding 

Homes sided in cedar shingles, also known as “shakes”, create an idyllic harmony with their natural wooded surroundings. Crafted from the finest cedar, these shingles are normally stained browns, grays or other earthy shades to provide a chic yet rustic look. Not only do shakes offer the genuine appeal of strong timber but need less upkeep than traditional clapboard siding – simply use stain rather than paint and you’ll significantly reduce peeling!

Brick and Brick Veneer Siding 

With a range of beautiful, earth-toned colors to choose from, brick construction is an alluring building option. Even though it might be more costly than other materials, you get what you pay for: the assurance that your structure will last centuries and not require patching or repairs for 25 years. It’s important to take care of any stucco siding on older brick homes too in order to keep their historical accuracy intact. If solid bricks aren’t within reach financially, quality veneers are still attractive yet durable enough for longterm use.

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