Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

With summer’s scorching heat and long days upon us, how can you possibly keep your roof in check? To properly care for your roof throughout the summer, you should conduct a thorough roof inspection yourself or better yet, hire a local roofer to do it for you.

Search for algae and mold 

Algae thrives when the rooftop is continuously wet and humid. Roof shingles can be eaten away by algae, causing roof deterioration. It also harms the gutters.

Look for Moss

Roof shingles that have not been cleaned of moss can develop cracks and curl as a result of contact with the damp roof. This can in turn cause an ice dam, water damage, damaged shingles, and damage to the roof deck are all possible consequences.

Inspect the attic

According to studies, your attic can reach up to 150 degrees in the summer. During the day, your roof absorbs a lot of heat and passes it on to the attic. However, asphalt roofs absorb less heat than other types of roofs.

Trim the trees

If a storm strikes your roof, the tree branches that are close to it might scratch or damage it. It can harm the roof if it is broken by a storm. There should be a distance of 8-10 feet between the branch and your roof.

You can prevent the adverse effects of summer by practicing these techniques on your roof at home. This should not just be done before summer, but it should also be repeated throughout the season.

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