Should You Install a Metal or Asphalt Roof?

Many roofing companies get the same question: are asphalt roofs or metal roofs better for your home? Here are some differences between the two roofing options so you can make the right decision for you and your home.

Metal Roofing

Two popular types of metal roofs RV or AG panels with exposed fasteners. Another option has concealed fasteners, known as standing seam, and is often used for commercial buildings. Of the two kinds, standing seam is far superior and more costly.

The roof is covered in metal strips, which are concealed by the next row of sheet metal. These clips also allow the metal pieces to move freely. On the other side, it permits the metal to expand and shrink without damaging the fastener or the roofing material. Screw-down metals do not have this play in their fasteners, and stress forces of expansion and contraction against them can work out or break screws.

Asphalt Shingles

Shingles come in a variety of styles, including three-tab shingles, less costly single layers in a more traditional-looking shingle, and then architectural shingles. They have a double layer that gives them the appearance of being three dimensional, but they don’t include any tabs. They’re made up of one solid piece.

If you live in a high-wind zone, shingles are an excellent alternative. If you live in a high-wind area, they cost roughly one-third less than metal with exposed fasteners. If they’re installed appropriately, they may provide you with a great performing roof.

The most essential aspect of installing them properly is that the nails are not overdriven. However, they’re placed in the shingle nailing area, which is where it’s widest. It also overlaps the row immediately above it. Shingles do not work well on low-pitched roofs because wind-driven rain can actually blow up under the shingles and get down through the nail holes.

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