Planning for A Home Addition? Use These Tips and Tricks to Make the Process Easier

This piece is an excellent place to begin if you want to plan your first home addition. You should be in a considerably better situation to deal with a contractor or architect after reading this article.

Define Your Problems

Most home problems can be solved. When you clearly define them, you can get more focused on achieving your goals. Consider the following area you want to update:

  • Living space (common areas, living rooms, dining rooms)
  • Sleeping space (bedrooms, guest rooms)
  • Comfort & Convenience (bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage)
  • Cooking
  • Function & Flow
  • Business (Office space, rental income, resale value)

Needs Versus Wants

Make a list of necessities and a list of preferences. It’s nice to dream but essential to be realistic. This stage will assist you in making informed decisions so that you don’t spend too much on items you don’t really need.

How Big Should My Addition Be?

The next step after you identify the problems that need solving, and what your wants and needs are, is to figure out how much space you need within your budget. Even if you have a definite idea of whether you want to build out or build up, an architect may be able to provide helpful perspective that hadn’t occurred to you.

What’s in a Blueprint and Why You Need One?

You’ll need blueprint drawings so a builder can bid on the project and you know how much everything will cost. Everything begins with the plans. The plans will determine the materials to be used as well as structural specifications needed for executing the work within building code and setback limits. Nothing happens until there are plans, and no one knows how much anything will cost until then.

Consider The Exterior

Finally, you must consider the outside because the new exterior siding will need to be connected to the old. As a result, this must be considered at some time. Will you reside in the entire home or just try to match new sider material to existing sider material?

Hiring a Contractor

In order to have the most success, you should develop a relationships with the contractor you want to work with and let him introduce you to the architect he recommends. This is because in reality, you will be spending more time with the contractor than the architect, and down ideological disagreements between yourself and the architect are inevitable.

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