Everything You Need to Know About Gutters

Many homeowners know that gutters are an important component to their home, but not much beyond that. Here we provide a little background on gutters from material and installation to maintenance and upkeep. 

Gutter Design

When it comes to designing the best gutter system for your home, you have to consider the length of the gutters and how wide they need to be. Determining the length will correspond to the length of your roof, but the width is more involved. It’s possible that your local officials have already determined the proper gutter size, so it’s good to check your zoning laws. The most common residential gutter size is five inches. For gutter materials, your budget will play a role, but you should try to choose the most durable material you can afford.

Gutter Installation

It’s important to install gutter hangers on architectural supports like rafters, and space them close together. This will help prevent  the gutters from sagging, which can lead to stagnant water or to them being ripped off your house during high winds. Your gutters should also hang at a slight pitch towards the downspout to ensure the proper flow of water. 

Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance is relatively simple. You should inspect your gutters every three months or so to clean out any debris that may have accumulated over time. You should also keep an eye out for any signs that your gutters aren’t draining properly, such as icicles or water dripping over the sides of the gutters.

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