5 Differences Between Residential And Commercial Roofing

Most people think that a roof is just a roof, but that’s not the case. There are both commercial and residential roofs with different construction materials, slopes, and pitches. The type of roof largely depends on the type of building it’s being installed on.

Here are some of the major differences you’ll see between residential and commercial roofs:


Most commercial roofs are either flat or low-sloped while residential roofs have a significant slope. Flat roofs are more expensive and need more upkeep than pitched roofs. Flat roofs also take up additional room for piping, smokestacks, and other similar features.

Size and scope

Unless you’re talking about a mansion, residential properties have a smaller roof than commercial ones. Commercial roofs, on the other hand, are considerably larger and vary in size from structure to building.

Form and function 

The actual form of a roof depends on the function it has to fulfill. Homeowners want their houses to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Roofing materials and designs, as well as other aesthetics, are selected with care. Commercial properties, on the other hand, do not have these issues. Consider your favorite restaurant; you recall one dish in particular but nothing else about the restaurant’s roof!

Roofing material

For residential roofs, one of the most popular choices is asphalt shingles. Other options like slate, cedar, and metal can also be used on residential roofs. Similarly, when it comes to commercial roofs, flat roofing is the most preferred choice. The roofing materials may, however, differ from building to building.

Roofing repairs and replacements

Roof repair and replacement projects for both residential and commercial roofs should be handled by expert providers. Roofing professionals are properly educated in the use of a variety of materials and equipment, so it is best left to them.

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