4 Common Flat Roofing Problems

Flat roofing can pose a challenge in that it can be hard to determine the exact location of a problem. There are many layers involved with flat roofs, so it often takes a professional eye to come to the right conclusion. Here are some common flat roofing problems you might run into as a homeowner. 


A flat roof is constantly exposed to the sun and different weather events so damage is unfortunately inevitable. Since your roof offers a large open space, it can sustain damage from lightning strikes, hail, and freezing temps. 


This is another common issue for those who have flat roofs. Ponding occurs when water pools on your roof due to an uneven surface. If the water stands for extended periods of time, it can penetrate the roofing material and leak into your home.


Over time, the usually flexible materials that create the waterproof layers of your flat roof can crack or tear due to drying out or expanding with the changing temperatures. This is normally seen with flat roofs made of elastic or EPDM.

Roof blisters

Blistering is also a common issue for flat roofing. This happens when there is a loss of adhesion on the roof. This raised bubble or blister can fill up with air or water, which can grow larger if it’s left untreated. 

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